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I just got a set of takeoff Bridgestone's for $800 and the rig is in for an alignment, mount and balance. My stock dunlops only lasted to 12kmi and I'm extremely irritated. I'll report back here with the alignment specs before/after and hopefully these Bridgestone's will last a bit longer

I'd have gone with the Conti's, but really like the idea of having the runflats - especially due to our third row option and travel habits. I may be in the minority, but I actually like the slightly stiffer ride of the runflats vs the softer sidewall Conti's. I ran those on my previous E53 4.8is and did NOT notice any improvement with tire wear - regardless of the fact that the treadwear is sky high in comparison to other tires. On that rig I ran the Diamari's, Latitudes, and the Conti's and all of them wore down at similar mileage. Remember, each manufacturer rates their treadwear from what I recall so I take treadwear with a grain of salt.
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