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Originally Posted by OMID INC View Post
Im looking for some input from the forum.

My two front tires are showing wear on the outside edges. They have just about 17k miles on them. They are the Bridgestone Runflat 20's.After noticing the wear I thought my alignment was off but then noticed other X5's with simil'ar wear.

My dealer said my tires "are shot and need new tires and alignment." I dont think they are totally gone yet, but understand the wear is significant.

I got the alignment done at the dealer and suggested they adjust the toe as close to 0 as possible and add more negative camber, which I have heard is really hard if not impossible to adjust. This all in an effort to counter the outside wear.

After the alignment, the car hangs to the right, which it did not before alignment. The steering wheel is not centered either.

I plan to go back soon and get it re aligned.

Here are pictures of current tire wear.

Any thoughts?
Bottom photo shows sign of scolloping, tyre has been driven on with to low a tyre pressure.

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