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Originally Posted by BiG22DuBz View Post
I did one pass, no launch mode and had a passenger in the 1/8....definitely room for improvement. You got some solid numbers JimShorts

R/T .730
60' 2.0
330 5.587
1/8 8.47
mph 85
Thanks man, took me alot of practice. I must have close to 25 passes in the 1/8th and about 15 in the 1/4 so far since july in the truck. Well over 100 passes in both in my E55. That thing took me years to master on street tires. Dont know anyone else in the 11s with as few mods as I had on that thing and street tires.

I would say you had a strong pass too. I forgot who did your tune but did they also raise the limiter on your rev when using launch control? You could see huge improvments in your 60ft when using launch control. Make sure to lose your spare and run low fuel if you go for a personal best. Oh and cut the passenger weight lol. Keep at it man!

Finally got my tune all squared away. They hooked me up with a 93 and 100 octane tune and a programmer to switch between them. Planning on going back to the track tomorrow if the weather holds up. Hoping to see some low 12s in the 1/4 and some high 7s in the 1/8.
2010 BMW X5 M Eurocharged: 12.298 @ 112.860 MPH Tune only.
2005 E55 AMG 11.93 @ 117 1/4 mile 7.75 @ 95 1/8mile tune, shorties, street tires. Sold

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