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Originally Posted by snipez999 View Post
That was me

I missed the first batch and have just had my order locked down to amber stage ready for an end of November delivery. I scraped in there with the addition of TV function and detachable towbar as not going for the roofbars this time (plus wifey has an X5 40d for trips to Ikea )

I am curious as to whether, with an October build scheduled, the car will have any of the 2013 car's bits and bobs on it(??) but either way it's a cracker.

Harveyten there is a white demonstrator up for sale at Blue Bell BMW in Wilmslow Cheshire (UK) if interested (driven past it for the last 3 months so perhaps keen to get rid at good price?)
Oh, its you. Thanks for clearing that up . Well, I was just talking to a good friend of mine (who is nuts about BMWs) and he thinks me buying a X6 50d is not a good idea mainly because he thinks I will not be so crazy about the car, bcs I already have quite a similar car (engine aside, of course ) for that engine by the way! BMW has changed not so much on the inside, like dials have an ///M print on them, but they are more/less the same, and the HUD is the same, etc.... Perhaps you can write a small comparison once you receive your car .