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Sport Button -Adaptive Drive

Originally Posted by peterc1962 View Post
Thanks England, yes the "sport" shows in the dashboard but really no difference in the ride, I guess I need to bring it in.

And the buldge in the hood is for looks only, plenty room under the hood so it is not necessary. In Switzerland it's not even standard on the M50d so I had to pay for it

I have been out yesterday testing the SPORT button.

In the manual it describes this button as switching between Normal mode and Sport mode in the Adaptive drive.

On a straightnline to be fair it is fairly hard to tell the difference unless you ride over rough surface or speed bumps and then you can definitely tell the difference.

However when I took it down some country lanes the difference in cornering is significant.So I would recommend testing on some tight fast bends if you haven't already done so.

Good luck.