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Originally Posted by England View Post
You will love it......its a great car.
Hi England
I am also enjoying the X6 M50d a lot, greatest car for me ever
One question I have for you:
I do not notice any difference when I press the "Sport" button just below the gear stick. The ride definitely doesn't get firmer or anything. Took it to my dealer and we went for a drive and he claims he felt the steering stiffening up a tiny little bit when "Sport" is pressed but also he said that he couldn't feel any difference in the suspension.

What is your experience with that? Notice any difference?

My dealer didn't know how different that should get as it was the first of those models that went out and as this version already has a stiffer suspension than the other versions he wasn't sure either how much difference one should feel.

Would appreciate any feedback you have on that issue, thanks.