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Originally Posted by serge1
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As far as mpg I get 23 driving 85-90 mpg and about 25-26 driving 70-75.
We had a guy claim 29mpg on 35i. That turned out to be during very very favorable conditions. And, most importantly, it was a over a short distance. Not a true average.

How many miles do you get on a tank at 70mph?
29 mph on a 35i? Pssshht must have been driving down hill with a 50 mph wind behind him! I drove from little rock to dallas which is a little hilly in Arkansas and mostly flat in texas. I drove about 85mph the whole way to Dallas with cruise on. I filled up and reset mpg computer and it read 23.4 when I was pulling into Dallas. Did the same on the way back and computer said 25.7. I still only have about 4K miles on it so I'm wondering if it'll get better after more miles on it?
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