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Originally Posted by x6Hawkeye View Post


I'd like that many "friends", but I do have that many industry contacts.

A real problem if car does not store as I have to take phone out of cradle to dial....

Interested if someone knows if Office helps this, I know I'm not alone.
I'd like that many friends too, unfortunately 79 Facebook friends translates into 2 relatives that call, my wife, a dog that somehow got Internet access, a guy I met a camp (age 39), 2 stalkers from back when I was famous, and 71 people that don't realize I was home schooled and are claiming they went to high school with me.

Now, seriously, as long as we are trying to resolve the 3000 contact issue.....hypothetically I might know a guy that has a similar contact issue who would would also like to know if anyone knows how to speed up the process which uploads the contacts from your phone to the car screen. This guy seems to have to wait forever before they are uploaded and he can use the I drive. Thanks!