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Originally Posted by thedonva View Post
Just want to clarify - I'm about to order an X6 and of course you can't find one to test drive before hand - is the body roll bad on that? Also, how does the V6 do on the highway - I would hate to buy a lethargic car?
I think you may be confused by my post. The scary body roll I mentioned was in regard to the V6 Porsche Cayenne I drove. The X6 is tight as a drum As for the engine, I'm surprised and impressed. Our car has a little bump to 315hp and 330 ft. lbs. of torque but that's not huge. The throttle tip in on this 6 is amazing - which in lay terms means you can take off from a standstill with a neck snap or like grandma or anything in between. The turbo lag is barely noticeable unlike the 5.0 (not bashing the 4.4 V8, it just doesn't use twin scroll technology like the 3.5 and M version V8 do). Raw straight line power is more than adequate. With the 8 speed, its genuinely fast on the highway. It will scoot quickly from 75 to a 100.

The most amazing surprise with our X6 is that its like a 7 series SUV compared to our prior V8 X5. There are no low frequencies that you get with the V8 (which of course has its drawbacks as well - i.e. exhaust sound) But the upside is that with the 8 speed transmission, you can cruise at 90 and feel like your hardly moving. That combined with a very smooth ride and maybe also our white interior lends a real feeling of luxury to the whole experience. Lastly, the turbo allows for enough thrust to waft the car along like a Rolls literally without breaking 1500 rpms around town (should you be in slow/cruise mode). This is something our X5 couldn't do. Even though it was a V8, the transmission and ECU were set up so that even just putting around town you'd hit 2500 rpms before a shift. So the X6 feels more regal and gets better mileage so far at least 4 mpg better in town - should improve a touch with break in. It's a great car. You will be very happy.