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Andrew, it was argued by another tuner in a separate thread that the stock turbos are maxed out pretty easily and that the engine isn't capable of producing more power than what he had achieved with his tune...which is also far short of what Dinan claims (he also suggested that Dinan was fudging their numbers). I suggested that there might be an intake restriction and that with improved air flow that the engine could make more power. To me it seems to run out of breath. He pretty much dismissed my comments. What do you think? Could BMW have intentionally restricted intake air flow in order to limit power potential? Is it possible the intercooler is the bottleneck? Could either of those be improved to boost power?

By the way, I may well be completely wrong on this...I'm not saying I'm right. I'm just expressing my understanding of how turbo engines work. This is not meant to be confrontational or's just for purposes of discussion.
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