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Does the M have larger turbos? I know stock boost for the 50i is 9.8psi and for the M is 16. Dinan lists their tune for the 50i going to 14psi which makes 496hp, whereas the M goes from 16 to 19psi with tune for 610 hp or so. Besides the boost, the other differences between the engines are pretty subtle from what I remember...larger intercooler, exhaust, etc. It's not enough to account for the 60 hp difference between a tuned 50i and a stock M, so I'm guessing it must be running bigger turbos.

More info...X6M has lower compression ratio (9.3:1 vs 10:1 for 50), makes peak power higher (6000 rpm vs 5500), and C&D lists stock boost at 17.4psi, so that could account for the difference.
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