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Originally Posted by Imso0flyy23 View Post
does anyone know when it will be available for build on bmwusa
I cancelled my 12' X6 order which was about to go into production and ordered a 13'. I got the order print out from the dealer, but there is no pricing on it, nor any LED option. It's just a current order form I suspect with the 2013 written in and a production number.

Production won't start until late April. I'll have to be sure the LEDs are on the order before then.

I'm losing out on about $3,700.00 in incentives from December's order, but I have leased 2 BMWs before when the LCI was right around the corner and missed out. Not this time. Its hardly an update, but the headlights and brake lights alone are enough to justify the wait and expense. Also, the current lease residuals are much higher than they were in December. Let's see if that holds true with the new car. There's usually an unattractive rate for a few months after an LCI in introduced right?