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Originally Posted by JessFierro View Post
Glad to hear that the noise has abated. How did going to a larger wheel size reduce the noise? Did the lower profile tires contribute most to make the difference? Thanks. Just wondering what rationale led to trying the larger wheels.
We tried it because one of the guys there has an X6 with that wheel/tire combo and never heard the noise on his. So we tried his wheels on mine. We figured it might be because they're heavier than the stock wheels which might keep them planted a bit more on the ground when going over bumps and crack in the road. They say X5's can have the same issues, but because the X5's are a bit heavier than the X6's, the noise isn't as prominent... Which makes sense because when I have mine loaded up in the back, the noise completely disappears. It has something to do with the coils in the back, like they don't seat properly. One of the things they also did, I forgot to mention, was wrap my coils up with a sound dampening tape, which also helped reduce the clunking noise further.