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Originally Posted by figurinos View Post
I have recently replaced my X5 4.8 for a X6, really nice car, but recently after a Months of driving local driving. I started to notice the same sound from the passenger side when the truck goes over a bump.

i have gone to the dealer but nothing was found.. the sound still there. please any help would it be nice..

thank you
I really wish I had an easy answer for you. But after months of bringing it in to the dealership and months of letters back and forth with BMW Canada HQ, they determined that it was a characteristic of the car and the book was closed in my case. My letters to BMW got me nothing but high blood pressure... I urge you to contact BMW Customer Service though, the more complaints they receive about this issue, the more it might force them to fix what I believe to be an design flaw...
BUT during that "letter time" with HQ, my dealership was trying to help me as much as they could (and I take this opportunity to thank Endras BMW for the attention and professional concern they had for me during this time.... if it were not for them stepping in like they did, BMW would have lost a customer for good) We switched out all my wheels out with the bigger and heavier BMW X6 21" wheels/tire combo and they have really helped reduced the noise by about 80-90%! I really have to go over some pretty big bumps now in the road to hear the noise slightly... So for me, my solution for summer months driving is the bigger wheel combo for a carefree and enJOYable ride again. Having said all that I have just put on my winter boots with the standard wheels and the noise is there again, but doesn't seem quite as bad but is also weather dependent, the colder it gets the more noise there is.
So overall I am completely satisfied and love my X6 again. Good luck and I hope you get the top notch service from your dealership as I did from Endras!